Tired of Not Living Up to Your Potential? Do something about it!

Is there something in your life that you want to accomplish but you keep getting in your own way?  Are you overwhelmed with stress or can't see your way through a current project?  These are perfect subjects to tackle with coaching. If you are resisting a change, and are having trouble taking the steps to achieve your goals, this practice can be an efficient way to help you move forward while getting the most out of the journey.  I bring my decade and half of experience in body-centered dialogue work for trauma, health and personal growth to this practice and have been truly inspired by the transformations I have seen with this work.  

If you are ready for a breakthrough or know someone who does, and are willing to work hard, I would love to help.  To schedule a free trial session click below.

Why Hire a Coach?

  • Create goals and take action towards achieving them.
  • Become more self-reliant.
  • Develop more job and life satisfaction.
  • Contribute more effectively in work and life.
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments.
  • Work more easily and productively with others doing work you enjoy.
  • Communicate more effectively.

What Does A Co-Active Coach Do?

  •  Create a safe environment for you to see yourself more clearly, by listening, asking focused questions, reflecting back, challenging, and acknowledging you.
  • Asks for more intentional thought, action, and behavior changes than you would have asked yourself.
  • Clarifies goals and agreed-upon results, while identifying gaps between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Helps you develop a strong strategy and action plan to close the gap while anticipating potential obstacles.
  • Guides creation of the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment.

If this sounds like something you're ready for let's set up a coaching call to see if this is a good fit.



A short video describing Co-Active Coaching by one of it's founders.