I established Transformative Structural Integration to help people become more aligned, stronger and more present in their bodies and in their lives. My passion for this work is fueled by my lifelong love for movement. Through a lifetime practice of surfing, acrobatics, climbing, martial arts and movement exploration, having sustained countless injuries, and the trauma that came with them, I decided to pursue a career to help others with their recoveries. Because of these experiences, I have deep compassion and caring for all of my clients, and take the time to get to know each individual. I care deeply about what will best serve YOU and your body, listening with compassion even when others haven't. It is my intention to help you better understand your body and your self so that you can stand firm in your strength and embrace the amazing experience of your life.


I initially found this work when I injured my back in a skateboarding accident in my 20s. After living with debilitating back pain, barely able to work or even walk for over a year, I found a Hellerwork practitioner. When I walked out of my first session I made it half a block before I realized that my pelvis was no longer pulling me to the right in the limp I had grown used to, and the pain in my back was significantly reduced. I had tried many other modalities to get rid of that pain, but nothing had made any significant difference. Before I made it to the end of the block I had already decided that I would change my career and become a Hellerwork practitioner.  Since then I’ve dedicated my life to help people deepen their connection to themselves and get out of pain.


I initially studied at the Institute of Structural Medicine in 2001. I am a Board Certified Structural Integrator and a member of The International Association of Structural Integrators. I am a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for work with PTSD, a Certified CoActive Coach and AAC level coach with the International Coach Federation. I have done continuous training in cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, body centered dialog and somatic movement practices since I started this work. The human experience is endlessly fascinating and I am continually looking for ways to deepen my connection to my clients. I am grateful to have trained with some of the most brilliant Rolfers, body-centered psychotherapists and movement educators in New York and around the world. I have been in private practice in New York since 2001.