I originally had hoped that the series would alleviate my tension headaches, however after just five sessions, the headaches have vanished, my posture is noticeably elongated, and I feel lighter and more flexible. I’m very much looking forward to future bodywork and an even greater positive body-awareness.

Jessica Fein, Architect

David is an incredible technician and healer. Every session we had was transformative and I would enthusiastically recommend working with David to anyone, especially professional dancers, athletes, circus and stunt professionals (all applicable in my own case).

Jonah Spears, Professional Acrobat and Broadway Actor

I have had lower back pain for a long time and went to many different health professionals to seek help. Some didn't help, some helped for a while, but only David was able to get me out of it. At least partially it was through noticing something wrong in my posture and teaching me to notice it and then I could continue the work myself or rather treat the real issue and not just the symptom.

Yoni K, Professional Acrobat

David Murphy is a passionate practitioner and learner. David goes beyond Hellerwork and other modalities. It's a mashup I call "DavidWork" and he is uniquely qualified. He is very talented and knows which "tools" to use for each need. I have been seeing David since 2006 and have referred more than a dozen friends to him. All of us are very grateful for the transformations that David helped facilitate.

John Botti

I am wearing different shoes, stretching more frequently, exercising more consistently, and eating better, thinking about stress in a different way. I trusted you and I looked forward to each session. Hellerwork has improved my tennis game and helped me to be a better educator.

Joshua Laub, High School Principal

The passion for me has been the visceral, physical experience in tandem with the talk stuff. [This work] gets me out of my head and into my body, makes my swimming much more complete.

Michele Fontaine, Competitive Swimmer

At first I was skeptical, but David has helped me tremendously… I am pain-free 95% of the time, my posture is better and I feel more alive. It is great that I can now go to the gym, walk, climb stairs and do normal everyday activities. It has also helped me eliminate some phobias I picked up with the pain I was suffering.

Marcie Botti, Retired

The work has helped me to be more mentally alert and focused. David has a breadth of knowledge and training in various disciplines which gives me confidence, but for me, his work with Somatic Experiencing has been particularly helpful. His work sometimes seems like having a psychologist for the body.

Steve Lindell, Portfolio Administration

The most useful part of the Hellerwork experience was…talking about my feelings and seeing how my body was reacting to them. This made it easier to deal with what I was feeling instead of putting it in a muscle, clenching up, and avoiding the pureness of an emotion. The most important take-away was the package of everyday living techniques; how to sit, stand, walk, etc..

The work is intense. There are times when you will want to stop, but not-stopping is exceedingly rewarding…a reward that lasts longer than the instant of satisfaction you would get from running from the intense emotion and sensation created during a session. There is great relief to be found in honestly working through the Hellerwork process. I felt like I was making progress and changes in my life from Day 1.

Dylan Stein, Acupuncturist

Best body worker in the city. Only thing that helped after a bad injury in flying trapeze. Professional and kind.

Mario L, Trapeze Instructor

I am getting a new and deeper understanding of myself, my traumatic imprints and appreciating the partnership in releasing the locked energy in my body, experiencing new freedom of thought and action. I have only done 5 sessions and I have already experienced essential movements in my personal growth. Our body is a map of our issues, and it will behoove anyone on a healing journey to work with their vessel, the body, because it is there that enlightenment happens.

Christina Casanova, Social Worker

David has amazing assessment skills and is extremely effective at creating solutions. I've seen all sorts of body workers over many years and he ranks at the top.

Daniel Shea, Entrepreneur

I have recommended more than 100 people per year easy. 

Evan Armbrister, Trapeze Artist and Investor

I stand on hard marble floors for hours at a time. I often carry bags of merchandise. David is my go to BODYWORKER to help correct the problems from my job and the fact that I am getting older and am in need of repair! Caring intuitive and knowledgable are only a few words to describe him. You could not find any one better than HE!

Therese Trizinski, Retail Sales

Completely transformed my posture. Great work, and my time and money are far more well spent with this practice over anything I've ever done (acupuncture, massage, chiropractic).

Clinton S.

I've already referred a few friends to David. From just one session, I experienced increased flexibility, postural adjustment and relief of stiffness. I can't wait to see what continuing to work with him will bring!

Natalie Ruggeri, Former Principal Ballerina, Ballet Store Owner

Fantastic craniosacral therapist and a kind person.

Anna D

David is a knowledgeable and caring bodyworker. He helped me immensely to improve my posture and movement and to maintain that improvement. I highly recommend him.

Anne Osteling, Retired

David is a super competent practitioner who has multiple skills sets he uses to guide and intervene with the client into a greater well being, ease and freedom from pain. I'd highly recommend his work.

Dr. Terry Smith, Clinical Psychologist

I would definitely recommend seeing Mr. Murphy - GREAT RESULTS. Take it from someone who see's a chiropractor 6 times a month - David is better !

Sheerina A

Experimental knowledgable and excellent at what he does.

Jeffrey Roth

David is absolutely great. I have a new awareness of how I carry myself. Learned a lot and I have much better posture. Loved working with him. He also evened the length of my legs. Subtle but profound changes.

Meredeth M

David is a caring, well educated & gifted practitioner. 

Coulisse M, Professional Dancer

I would feel everybody could use the full program.

Patrick Buckley, Retired Carpenter

David's work has helped me immeasurably. I sustained many injuries in my youth and over the 12 week course David listened and was able to give me guidance on how to adjust my habits and become more aware of my postural tendencies. In addition the soft tissue work that is the core of his service that has restored much of the mobility and confidence in my body that I'd lost at a young age. I recommend David's Structural Integration work to everyone, regardless of the seriousness or obviousness of their body issues.

Shawn M

David is wonderful... intuitive, sensitive, and very, very good at what he does. He is a real pleasure to work with. If I had unlimited money, I would do the whole series again. Maybe sometime in the future. If you are looking for structural integration work, look no further!

Sushmita M