If you’ve already done the series, are thinking about coming in for a Hellerwork series or just want to know how you can improve your posture, this is a fantastic book. It’s called The New Rules of Posture by Mary Bond and I’m recommending it to anyone starting the 11 session Hellerwork series. The New Rules of Posture is filled with fantastic body oriented exercises that come from Mary Bond’s 25 years of experience as a Rolfer, Rolf Movement Therapist and Dancer.

Many of the exercises are similar to ones I practice with clients in a more personal way during the Hellerwork series. They cover the basics of breathing, sitting, standing, and walking while developing core stability and making changes in perception that make it easy to recover a feeling of balance no matter how out of whack you may feel. Even an advanced mover can learn something from this book. In my Hellerwork practice, I find that the movement aspect of the series is often what allows my clients to develop the personal awareness to continue to find balance and improve their alignment long after the series is over. The new rules of posture is a great compliment to this work.