Hellerwork is a powerful system of somatic education and structural bodywork. It is one of the first schools of Structural Integration, in the tradition of Ida Rolf. It is an innovative approach to harnessing the innate wisdom of the body. If you’re ready to enjoy more effortless, easeful movement in the way you walk, sit, stand, and otherwise live in your body, this is for you! After thorough postural analysis, bodywork is applied to all layers of the connective tissue system. The work is targeted at bringing balance to the supporting structures of the body (link) with the goal of realigning the tissue, creating more support, stability and balance. Each Hellerwork session is customized to reshape and transform the particular restrictions of each persons body. After 11 sessions of the Hellerwork series, all layers of restricted tissue in the musculoskeletal system are addressed and balanced in a way that is unique to each person’s body, facilitating easier, more graceful movement.

What is most unique about Hellerwork however, is its attempt to integrate this balance into the person’s life. In each session, clients learn new ways to use their bodies, giving them options to move in ways that help to break out of unhealthy, habitual patterns. By learning new ways to be in their bodies, clients are empowered to carry the renewed freedom they gain from the bodywork out into their lives. Dialogue is used to facilitate a deeper connection in clients to their own inner wisdom. Increased awareness of the attitudes and perceptions that contribute to emotional stress and physical pain begin to surface, as they discover new resources in their bodies to change those patterns, often for a lifetime.

For example: A client has neck pain. In order to relieve this pain, a standard therapist will usually work on the neck in isolation. In contrast, a Hellerwork practitioner may treat the person’s neck, shoulders, rib cage, even the patients legs. While we are working to release the physical imbalance, clients have the opportunity to dialogue about what in their life has created the restriction, helping them find resources to avoid or lessen that restriction in the future through awareness and new possibilities for movement.

Hellerwork Structural Integration takes into account the whole person and how an injury or imbalance effects them as a whole, both physically and as a person.

The traditional Hellerwork series is organized into a series of 11 sessions, each session focusing on different segments of the body.

1. Superficial sections are covered in sessions 1-3

2. Core sections are covered in sessions 4-7

3. Integrative sections are covered sessions 8-11

For more information please take a look at the Hellerwork Handbook.

To learn more about Hellerwork, visit www.hellerwork.com