What is transformative Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a process-based approach to manual & movement therapy that explores the possibility of change in how you use & experience your body. 

Through education, awareness, & therapeutic touch, you can release painful, stressful patterns of tension, replacing effortful habits with comfort & ease. 

SI systematically addresses your body as a whole, usually over a series of sessions. Skillful touch brings relief from pain & discomfort, & awareness to how you're holding & using your body.

This adds up to a more adaptable, resilient, authentic, and enjoyable experience of your body, and life.

My role in this process is to help you:

  • Recognize and shift patterns of tension that no longer serve you. By letting go of physical, emotional and thought patterns that don’t serve you, change happens quickly.

  • Discover new options for movement/posture. You will learn tools that will support you for a lifetime.

  • Deepen your “felt sense” of your body. This skill alone can shift the most stubborn patterns of pain and dysfunction, and gives you the tools to keep them from coming back.

    Learn relevant self-care strategies to support your continued well-being. My goal is to help you to become self sufficient so you don’t have to continually coming back for more care.

Together, we explore how your habits and thought patterns relate with how you use and experience your body. To get the most from our work together, a willingness to engage with your physical experience is essential. Those who approach with an open mind, and curiosity about themselves and their environment, tend to see significant, often dramatic shifts in their experience of their bodies and perception of self. If you are ready, schedule a free consultation and let’s get started!

This is the important concept: that Rolfers are integrating something; we are not restoring something… It takes us out of the domain designated by the word “therapy” and puts us into the domain designated by the word “education…” This is what I mean, this is my goal: an educational process.”
— Ida Rolf, PhD, from “Rolfing and Physical Reality